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Hello there. Comment here...if you want to be rated by this insanely intelligent freak of nature known as Lindsay.

I have a soft spot for Matrix dorks, as I am one myself.

If you can't type properly, I'll almost automatically give you a bad score. That type of thing just irks me.

I'm usually pretty lenient on the "looks" part because I know that I myself am not the prettiest girl in the universe. However, if you are just absolutely repulsive, of course I'll say no.

However, I try to rate twice as hard on the application and your journal. I have experience rating journals, since I'm an admin at a journal rating community. If your journal is friends-only, unfriend at least five entries for me to judge by, or add me until I have judged you. Otherwise, you automatically get a no, no matter how beautiful your layout may be.

By commenting here, you realize that this is not for the sensitive. Don't be afraid to enter the Matrix.
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