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I'm allergic to dairy<3

Erm... hi. Post here if you want to be rated by me, the beautiful, the extraordinary, the witty, the sarcastic, the bitchy Brianne. <3

If you expect me to rate you and then don't take some of your posts off of friends only (i.e 10 or more) or add me to your friends list, I will find out where you sleep at night and brutally maim you AND your parents, for procreating and coming up with an odious lout like you. Oh, and once I'm done with your rating, delete me off your list. I'm so sick of re-re's keeping me on there, making it so 150ish people have added me. Also, when you comment here, please tell me what resolution you're using that way I don't hate the layout unfairly because it looks like hell on mine (I use 800x600, stupid p.o.s 13 inch monitor... ugh!)

Don't request me if you have low self-esteem and are easily affected by the opinions of others. If you like Lincoln Park or have a Johnny Depp layout, you might want to request someone else, cause unless you're a masochist, you won't be pleased with your rating. You may see examples of my ratings at _ratemy_journal where I am co-maintainer. I'm also a reviewer in _journalreviews (which is currently on hiatus), and I've been accepted into cool_ljs and rate_my_lj So basically, I've had experience.

Mmmmm... ratings. I'm not -always- mean. Actually, I wouldn't even call myself mean. Just honest. Brutally honest.</i></b>

Dang. Why do I suddenly feel like I'm on a dating show?
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