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[28 Sep 2003|09:38am]

[ mood | amused ]


SNL Reference? Wahoo! I love SNL. I absolutely love your favourite movies (Except LOTR, which I have yet to see... yes yes, I'm a loser) Hah, we're all American too, I spell everything the British way, I wish I lived in England, I think it's my goal in life to move to London. I love ballet, photography, and theatre. I wish I'd stayed with ballet ~sighs~A


You have a very natural look to you, I like that. You aren't all scenester "omg i love the eyeliner"-esque, which is very nice.A-


Whoo, I love the comment hover effect thingies! I'm not a big fan of the centre picture or of the overall colour scheme of the journal, but I really like the general layout. I like the extra information on the side, and I like how the picture is in the middle of that information and the entries. I like how you don't have to scroll down foreeeeeeever to read all the extra crap, since it's in its own little div layer thingy. I like your entries. Yup. Hahah. Monos con queso? Monkeys with CHEESE? <3 Your userinfo doesn't suck. You should definitely upload more iconsA

Final Grade


wahoooo, go youuuuu. CAN WE BE FRIENDS?

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somnath [19 Sep 2003|03:06pm]

[ mood | drained ]

Application: One word: MATRIX. Oh man, you don't want to know how much I love The Matrix (can't wait until Revolutions comes out!). And your favorite actor is Keanu Reeves. w00t, awesome. Lord of the Rings is cool, too. Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands. I liked the application. You seem like the type of person I would consider hanging out with.

Journal: Your entries interested me, once I got past the fact that you made several spelling errors. Sucky spellers really get on my nerves. BUT the entries were semi-interesting, which is a plus, considering that most journals I read usually put me to sleep. Your layout was default, bleh.

Looks: Well, you're not hot. But you're not ugly, either. I like your hair in the first picture. Your glasses also seem to fit your facial structure well.

Forgive me, I would normally give a more thorough review, but I'm half asleep and feel like shit. I'm lazy, blah. Ah well, here's a decent score...dodge this:


the revolution is coming.

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left_breathless [17 Sep 2003|03:02am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hon, I love your journal more than most I have seen on any of my communities that I rate at. It's got that new cute template I love, the bg is very cute, the links are cute, the way you write entries is amazing and unique and they are all so interesting and just fun to read. You don't clog us with surveys and quizzes or half assed entries either.

Girl you are absolutely beautiful and so fucking intelligent. I love how you are a researcher, I swear I thought you would say model or something along those lines. You have alot of good, varied tastes and some match my own. I LOVE garbage and I think Johnny Depp was much better back in the day as opposed to now. You are so well rounded and very down to earth. You seem like someone I would personally chill with. I totally understand what you mean about people being shady and growing older and losing "friends". I just went thru something similar not too long ago.

Fucking amazing...A+++++++++

Thanks for being my first ;)
You are very interesting and very awesome.

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natalie17 [14 Sep 2003|06:42pm]

Application: Wow, you have a lot of friends. Natalie is a pretty name. You're artistic! That is really awesome. I like what you're planning to study. You're music isn't very fun, you should check out Placebo -- they are on the cruel intentions soundtrack. Mmm, 10 things i hate about you. That movie is good because it is based on Taming of the Shrew, my favourite shakespearean play. Bonus points.

Looks: What a gorgeous dress. And your eyes! How nice. The angles on the 2nd and last pictures are horrible, but since it's due to the angle, I'm not going to hold that against you. You look like you're wearing lavender eyeshadow.. purple eyeshadow doesn't look good on anyone, for the most part. Especially not lightly colored. You should wear less lipstick and focus on your eyes more. Your eye makeup should be darker because that is a really excellent feature of yours.

Journal: Your layout.. well, if you have a background, it isn't showing up. So your layout is very. Bleh. I'm not really fond of dark layouts, and without a background it looks dreadful. Entries.. I hope your appointment with the camera/stomach thing goes well! Eek! DON'T DYE YOUR HAIR! You're so pretty blonde! And even if you were being sarcastic, I agree that LJ drama is fun--amusing, anyway. Your userinfo is good.

All in all you get a B.

I'm sorry about the wait!
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purty286 BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER!!!! [14 Sep 2003|06:27pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]


There's something about your eyebrows that pisses me off. The pictures you sent aren't very good quality. I really like the post in the first one, and I really like the kitty in the second one! You didn't post "god i'm so angsty and miserable" pictures, which is nice to see. I hate it when people expect to be judged on looks and they don't even smile. B


Our music tastes differ greatly, so naturally I'm prone to like mine and hate yours. I do like one song by Mindless Self Indulgence, though. Queen of the Damned was, by far, the worst movie I've ever seen. I decided to try this new thing and actually see something in theatre, and after having to sit through that, it's something I'll never do again. I've heard the book is much better, but since I saw the movie first, I don't think I'll read the book. I never did figure out what the friggin plot was...... I haven't seen any of the other movies on your list. O.o I'm lame like that. Interior Design is something that I'm considering as a majour as well, so go you. Photography is good. Writing is good. Tom Cruise is good. HS Extracurriculars suck! Yes. B


I really like your scrollbar for some reason. The background picture is cute, I like how everything matches. The default generator size and comment link effects bother me, but I understand that some people aren't all into customisation like I am. I really think you could have done more, seeing as you have a paid account, though. I absolutely love your icons! Yay for people who use all ten! Good choice for the default one, that's the picture that I said I liked. :) Your userinfo is informative, woohoo. You have the cutest cat in the entire effing world. I like your entries, they're interesting, which is a first for me because I think everyone is beyond dull. I love what you did to your desktop icons, haha. Your cat rocks my face. A

Final Grade


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[08 Sep 2003|03:53pm]

her applicationCollapse )


though she didn't include pictures, i know what she looks like so it's not a big deal. and i know she isn't lying about not having pictures on links. in fact, i don't think she even has any pictures of her on her computer except for the ones from camp, which *I* have as well. as far as looks goes, she gets a B.


i can't believe you still like nickelback. seriously. gah! sister hazel, tori, and dmb rock my face. download more mirah, get some of the following bands too: the cure, hot hot heat, the faint, fleetwood mac (GET MORE) and uh... go listen to all those songs that you'd better have put on CDs when i told you to download... all the songs... yeah. at daddy's. and please ignore my poor sentence structure. psychology is a good majour. =) julia roberts is okay, but you should have said lucille ball!!!!!!! i lurve the first three movies. i haven't seen the second too, though. :( licking eyeballs rocks my faaaaaaace. and i actually believe the 0 friend thing. cause let's see: me, adam, bobby, holly (??).... yup. none of us live in SB. knowing you, i think you could have been more witty. A-


I like your layout. The colours match and stuff. You need ot update more, because half the idiots on my friends page have nothing to say, and you always do, when you actually do update. that made of meat thing is freakin' weird. A for layout A- for entries.

Final Grade

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rainshimmer [08 Sep 2003|02:16pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Lauren<3 You know I love you.
It's too bad you're so great, I was hoping to have a bitchy first post!!

But I'll get to it.

Of course you're cool, otherwise I wouldn't love you so. When I said round down, I mean that if you have, say, 37 friends, round down to 35. I don't know why, just go with it. Don't you have other hobbies, dear? And what is nhs? I'm afraid I have no clue.

You know I think you're beautiful. Your face is so nicely shaped and your eyes are GORGEOUS! Plus, you're skinnytiny and that 2nd to last picture makes me want to hug you or something. <3

Well, other than the fact that your color blue doesn't match the picture, the layout looks good. Though, I suppose you could do more with your paid account.. but don't listen to me, I'm still using a free account layout that I made. And you know I like your entries or I wouldn't have you on my list. I SEE YOU PASSED YOUR LICENSE TEST. COME VISIT. Your info is okay. As much as I love Audrey and kimmie & taryn's community.. you should definitely put some Lauren information on there. User pictures.. you have such hot legs. You rock.

Overall, pump up the info and maybe spice up your layout and you'll be perfect.

A, of course.

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Wow, What can I say ? [08 Sep 2003|12:21am]

I'm already a moderator of two other rating communities.
cool_ljs & _ratemy_journal

I've had people cry on other communities about me.
you can't please everyone or can you?

If your journal contains the following in excess, don't bother. I will make you cry if I see these:
^_^ or ;^^; or anything like that
shortening simple words or abbreviating them with a non correct word.
typing like a raver
obsessive psycho fan people
Lord of the Rings/any of the charecters/actors from the movie
anyone under 14 that uses profanity
friends only that have not added me
Paid Account Layout Abusers

If you can stand the truth, then I'll rate you.
Don't whine and complain, I'll only laugh at you.
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w00t. [07 Sep 2003|08:12pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hello there. Comment here...if you want to be rated by this insanely intelligent freak of nature known as Lindsay.

I have a soft spot for Matrix dorks, as I am one myself.

If you can't type properly, I'll almost automatically give you a bad score. That type of thing just irks me.

I'm usually pretty lenient on the "looks" part because I know that I myself am not the prettiest girl in the universe. However, if you are just absolutely repulsive, of course I'll say no.

However, I try to rate twice as hard on the application and your journal. I have experience rating journals, since I'm an admin at a journal rating community. If your journal is friends-only, unfriend at least five entries for me to judge by, or add me until I have judged you. Otherwise, you automatically get a no, no matter how beautiful your layout may be.

By commenting here, you realize that this is not for the sensitive. Don't be afraid to enter the Matrix.

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DINGDINGDING. [07 Sep 2003|08:11pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hi, my name is Alli.

I am the creator and maintainer of this community.

My rules:
-I'm on 1024x768 resolution screen. If you are using any other resolution, warn me so I can change my resolution.
-I might not be very nice. And I will tell you how to.. fix yourself.
-Feel free to be dramatic, it's certainly encouraged.
-If you are on friends only, add me or unlock some entries. Unless I decide I like you, and I probably won't, take me off of your friends list after your review is posted.
-If you're hot, I'll probably want to hump your leg or something.. but that doesn't mean you're cool, but still gives you bonus points.
-If you post contrasted pictures, I'd like to request ONE CLEAR NON-EDITED PICTURE. If this isn't possible, just let me know and I'll pretend you have a nose.

Thanks, and please comment!

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I'm allergic to dairy<3 [07 Sep 2003|07:39pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Erm... hi. Post here if you want to be rated by me, the beautiful, the extraordinary, the witty, the sarcastic, the bitchy Brianne. <3

If you expect me to rate you and then don't take some of your posts off of friends only (i.e 10 or more) or add me to your friends list, I will find out where you sleep at night and brutally maim you AND your parents, for procreating and coming up with an odious lout like you. Oh, and once I'm done with your rating, delete me off your list. I'm so sick of re-re's keeping me on there, making it so 150ish people have added me. Also, when you comment here, please tell me what resolution you're using that way I don't hate the layout unfairly because it looks like hell on mine (I use 800x600, stupid p.o.s 13 inch monitor... ugh!)

Don't request me if you have low self-esteem and are easily affected by the opinions of others. If you like Lincoln Park or have a Johnny Depp layout, you might want to request someone else, cause unless you're a masochist, you won't be pleased with your rating. You may see examples of my ratings at _ratemy_journal where I am co-maintainer. I'm also a reviewer in _journalreviews (which is currently on hiatus), and I've been accepted into cool_ljs and rate_my_lj So basically, I've had experience.

Mmmmm... ratings. I'm not -always- mean. Actually, I wouldn't even call myself mean. Just honest. Brutally honest.</i></b>

Dang. Why do I suddenly feel like I'm on a dating show?
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