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Hon, I love your journal more than most I have seen on any of my communities that I rate at. It's got that new cute template I love, the bg is very cute, the links are cute, the way you write entries is amazing and unique and they are all so interesting and just fun to read. You don't clog us with surveys and quizzes or half assed entries either.

Girl you are absolutely beautiful and so fucking intelligent. I love how you are a researcher, I swear I thought you would say model or something along those lines. You have alot of good, varied tastes and some match my own. I LOVE garbage and I think Johnny Depp was much better back in the day as opposed to now. You are so well rounded and very down to earth. You seem like someone I would personally chill with. I totally understand what you mean about people being shady and growing older and losing "friends". I just went thru something similar not too long ago.

Fucking amazing...A+++++++++

Thanks for being my first ;)
You are very interesting and very awesome.
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