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SNL Reference? Wahoo! I love SNL. I absolutely love your favourite movies (Except LOTR, which I have yet to see... yes yes, I'm a loser) Hah, we're all American too, I spell everything the British way, I wish I lived in England, I think it's my goal in life to move to London. I love ballet, photography, and theatre. I wish I'd stayed with ballet ~sighs~A


You have a very natural look to you, I like that. You aren't all scenester "omg i love the eyeliner"-esque, which is very nice.A-


Whoo, I love the comment hover effect thingies! I'm not a big fan of the centre picture or of the overall colour scheme of the journal, but I really like the general layout. I like the extra information on the side, and I like how the picture is in the middle of that information and the entries. I like how you don't have to scroll down foreeeeeeever to read all the extra crap, since it's in its own little div layer thingy. I like your entries. Yup. Hahah. Monos con queso? Monkeys with CHEESE? <3 Your userinfo doesn't suck. You should definitely upload more iconsA

Final Grade


wahoooo, go youuuuu. CAN WE BE FRIENDS?
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