Why is there a missing piece in everyone I know? (skakitty) wrote in ultimate_rating,
Why is there a missing piece in everyone I know?

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Hi, my name is Alli.

I am the creator and maintainer of this community.

My rules:
-I'm on 1024x768 resolution screen. If you are using any other resolution, warn me so I can change my resolution.
-I might not be very nice. And I will tell you how to.. fix yourself.
-Feel free to be dramatic, it's certainly encouraged.
-If you are on friends only, add me or unlock some entries. Unless I decide I like you, and I probably won't, take me off of your friends list after your review is posted.
-If you're hot, I'll probably want to hump your leg or something.. but that doesn't mean you're cool, but still gives you bonus points.
-If you post contrasted pictures, I'd like to request ONE CLEAR NON-EDITED PICTURE. If this isn't possible, just let me know and I'll pretend you have a nose.

Thanks, and please comment!
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